Friday, June 29, 2012

Use of "Wireless 2.0" Required as On-Campus Wireless VPN Service Ends

To encourage adoption of the latest wireless technologies at Penn State, the University will end the Wireless 1.0 Virtual Private Network (VPN) service (the 'pennstate' connection) effective July 1, 2012. As an alternative, all users should convert to the University’s latest "Wireless 2.0" service (the 'psu' connection) for on-campus wireless connectivity.

Penn State Wireless 2.0 service incorporates recent authentication and encryption methods that are aimed at providing an improved level of security and performance. Because it no longer requires the use of the wireless VPN, the 2.0 service enables instant connection to Internet resources and consistent wireless coverage for roaming within and between 2.0-enabled buildings and areas on any Penn State campus location.

The Penn State Wireless 2.0 service is easy to use and only requires a one-time download and configuration of the client available at 

Note: Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with software version 2.0 and above require that you download and install a configuration file. If you have a new WiFi only device, in order to install the config file for the first time, go to this address from a home or public WiFi hotspot and follow the on-screen steps.

More information about Penn State’s wireless service is available at

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