Monday, December 05, 2011

Penn State Password Management Upgrade

Beginning Monday, December 5, 2011, Information Technology Services (ITS) unveiled its newest upgrade that enables users to reset their forgotten or expired Penn State Access Account password without the assistance of the ITS Accounts Office.

The Password Management page,, will feature three options for users. The first option to change one's password remains unchanged, while a process to create/update security questions will be available along with a section for forgotten passwords.

In order to take full advantage of the upgrade, however, security questions must be set. By establishing security questions through the Password Management page, users will be able to reset their Access Account password if forgotten or expired. This function will be accessible from anywhere that there is an Internet connection.

If users opt out of enabling the security questions, they will need to follow the current procedures in place should their Access Account password expire, or is forgotten; as such, they must visit a signature station at one of the University's campuses, or contact the ITS Account Services Office at the University Park campus.

Ag IT STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that you setup Security Questions to be able to reset your Access Account password in the event that it has expired or has been forgotten.

See How To Update Your Penn State Access Account Security Questions.

Note: County Extension Staff Only - If you don't know your Penn State ID number, you may contact Extension Payroll at 814-865-5410. Staff can look up your 9 digit Penn State ID number. If there are several county-based staff who need to know their Penn State ID number, please create a list of Access Account UserIDs, First and Last Names for her. In addition, you do NOT need to provide a SSN number to get your Penn State ID number. SSN numbers should never be sent via email in any case.

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