Monday, November 20, 2006

ITS download site changes

ITS has changed their policies and permissions on their downloads site ( depending on if you are a full-time PSU employee vs an access account holder.

Only full-time PSU employees can get the "complete" list of installers (including SAV, Office)

In most cases this means that only full-time PSU employees and extension educators can use this site to access these installers. Extension support staff will need to ask educators to download these installers for them.


Friday, November 03, 2006

Unable to load Penn State Newswire's webpage in IE6

For the latest Penn State news and information, you can visit

When you attempt to visit the page, you are asked to run an ActiveX control. The screen goes blank and your only option is to click OK in the dialog box. When you do, Internet Explorer locks up and crashes.

The page has a strip of video's on the left side that use ActiveX to be displayed. If you have an older version of QuickTime installed on your computer, these controls can't be shown in the window.

Update to the most recent version of QuickTime. Use these How To steps.

Install QuickTime for Windows using the Standalone Installer