Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sun Releases Java(TM) 6 Update 11

As of December 2, 2008, the current version of Sun's Java client is Java(TM) 6 Update 11.

Action Required:
If you see an alert icon in your notification area, lower right corner of screen, to update Java, you can click the icon and follow its prompts to apply the update. If you receive an "Error 1606" while installing, click Cancel. Click OK. Uncheck the Open Java Help box. Click Finish. You should restart the computer and try the install again.

Or, you can follow our How To Update Sun's Java Software, instead.

This release contains feature enhancements and bug fixes. This full list of changes may be found here:

Previously, older versions of Sun Java were not removed from your computer when you updated. You had to manually remove older versions of Sun Java from your computer.

This has now changed. The previous version, Java 1.6.0_10, included code to allow patch-in-place to occur. So, from now on, you will not need to remember to remove the previous Java version.