Friday, June 22, 2007

Adding Signatures in Outlook 2003 with Word as the E-mail Editor

If you have enabled Word to be the editor of Outlook 2003 E-mail messages, you may have "lost" a common Outlook function. You appear to lose the toolbar icon to add/delete/change signatures in an e-mail message. Here's the alternate process to add a signature to a message.
In Outlook 2003, create a new signature, but put nothing in it - no text at all. Name it something obvious - "empty" or "blank" etc.

Now, when creating a new message, you will have the opportunity to right-click on the default signature appearing in the new message. Right-clicking presents a list of all signatures for selection -including the blank signature.

If you would like the message sent without a signature, select "blank" and the mail will be sent without appearing to have a signature line.

Java problems in QuickTime

Apple is recommending that QuickTime users download its update for Version 7.1.6 to fix a pair of security glitches.
One of the first two problems, in QuickTime for Java, can lead users to having their systems hijacked if they visit a malicious site. If a user visits a site containing a maliciously crafted Java applet, an attacker can trigger the vulnerability and take over the target system. The second glitch, like the first, a user has to visit a site with a maliciously crafted Java applet. The attacker can take advantage of the vulnerability and may be able to read sensitive information off your system.
See our How To for steps in installing QuickTime 7.1.6.

Penn State to add DNS Security on July 9, 2007

In an effort to enhance Domain Name Server (DNS) security and improve resource usage on the Penn State Network, ITS ( will restrict a function called "Recursive DNS lookups" in the University's domain name service on July 9, 2007.

Don't panic. College Enterprise computers should be set to use College DNS numbers or be set to Obtain DNS server address automatically. In these cases, the PSU DNS numbers will not be used and you can continue to access Internet sites as expected.

To verify whether or not a particular computer is currently configured to use the Penn State DNS servers, see our How To. You may need to remove one Penn State DNS number: This How To has complete steps to verify your network settings and includes pictures.

For More information, see our eNews article:

Monday, June 11, 2007

Yahoo! Messenger software needs Upgrade

Two critical vulnerabilities reside in Yahoo! Messenger versions and earlier. Computers running earlier versions of the Yahoo IM software could be hijacked by visiting a malicious Web page.

The company has pushed out a fix to plug two newly discovered security holes. Yahoo! Messenger users should download and install the latest version immediately.