Friday, June 22, 2007

Adding Signatures in Outlook 2003 with Word as the E-mail Editor

If you have enabled Word to be the editor of Outlook 2003 E-mail messages, you may have "lost" a common Outlook function. You appear to lose the toolbar icon to add/delete/change signatures in an e-mail message. Here's the alternate process to add a signature to a message.
In Outlook 2003, create a new signature, but put nothing in it - no text at all. Name it something obvious - "empty" or "blank" etc.

Now, when creating a new message, you will have the opportunity to right-click on the default signature appearing in the new message. Right-clicking presents a list of all signatures for selection -including the blank signature.

If you would like the message sent without a signature, select "blank" and the mail will be sent without appearing to have a signature line.

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