Friday, October 27, 2006

New IE7 How To install and Configure

How To Install Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP

Last week Microsoft released version 7 of the Internet Explorer web browser (IE7). Internet Explorer updates are included as part of the regular Windows update process so you will automatically receive this update in the near future. IE7 offers a number of benefits and a streamlined interface.

Some of the important changes include:

  • tabbed browsing - browse multiple web pages within a single IE window
  • integrated search - a search box always available to the right of the address bar
  • improved printing - IE scales text appropriately so you won't end up with one line of text on your last page (usually)
  • improved security features - many under the hood changes as well as a new phishing filter
  • RSS feed support - stay up to date with basic RSS support right in your browser

Take a quick tour or view a more complete feature list for more information. FYI...IE7 is the version of Internet Explorer that will be included with Windows Vista when it releases later this year, so working with IE7 on XP now will give you a head start on Vista. PS, we will not be upgrading to Vista when it is released!

- jsw