Thursday, July 23, 2009

ITS updates Adobe Connect server - Action Required

Attention: Adobe Connect users – Action Required

This morning (Thursday, July 23, 2009) Penn State’s ITS installed the Adobe Connect Pro 7 Service Pack 3.

Along with this SP3 install, there is an updated add-in (version 9.1.314.0) which addresses VOIP and Audio enhancements listed below.
We encourage users to download this latest add-in by doing these steps:

• Go to the Adobe Connect Community Check List at
• Run the "test your computer and Internet connection" option by clicking on the link listed in Step 3
• Click Yes if you receive a Security Warning

Issues resolved with Service Pack 3

Meeting Rooms:
[0127905] Meeting: The first item in the Q&A Pod list is selected by default now which does not make it appear as though longer questions cannot be displayed in full anymore. All selected question text shows in the details panel. In the case in which a very long question is asked and therefore truncated in the preview pane, all text will be visible in the details pane. This capability is now more discoverable by the user.

[2302406] Meeting: The same presentation (PPT or PPTX) can now be loaded into two share
pods in the same meeting at the same time without causing any intermittent upload errors.

[1920524] Meeting, Mac only: Sharing Full Screen on certain Mac versions, in certain Safari and Firefox browsers caused user to be ejected from the meeting room, and browser to crash. This issue has been resolved.

[1920869] Meeting, Recording: Recording playback sometimes shows black or gray screen when paused or seeking. This issue now has been resolved.

[1922961/1880973] Meeting, Recording: Recordings now play the events that occurred within the meeting, as they occurred, including changes in layouts.

[1913089] Meeting, Recording: Recordings now do not show a black screen or cut out

[1910223] Meeting, Recording: Forced Recordings do start now when enabled and applied to systems with specific license keys. They are now working properly with valid license keys.

[1913261] Meeting, Whiteboard/Recording: Playback scale adjustments have been applied
to recording so that all whiteboard content is displayed now even when using certain screen resolutions.

[1930490] Meeting, Poll Pod: A scroll bar is displayed in the meeting poll pod so that all options are now visible to the user even when many options are provided in Poll questions.

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