Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Adobe Presenter updates available

There are currently 2 important updates to Adobe Presenter Version 7.0. They include audio enhancements and fixes, better performance with PowerPoint .pptx files and quizzing features.

Action Required for Adobe Presenter v7 users:
To properly install the updates they must be installed in the correct order. First install the Adobe Presenter 7.0.1 update, then the Adobe Presenter 7.0.2 update. Licensed Adobe Presenter users can install the updates from the following URL.

If you are in a county office with a server, check out this path to install from your server.
Computer Resources > IT Camp Software > Adobe Presenter folder
- Double-click adobe_presenter_patch_v701.exe to install the first update
- Double-click adobe_presenter_patch_v702.exe to install the next update

Use the following links to review a full description of each update.
Important issues resolved in Adobe Presenter 7.0.1 update

Important issues resolved in Adobe Presenter 7.0.2 update

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