Monday, February 11, 2008

Cisco VPN Client 5.0.02 Released

An updated version of the Cisco VPN Client is now available from

Virtual Private Network (VPN) software is used by Penn State faculty, staff and students when connecting to a Penn State network from any other ISP (internet service provider). For example, if you take a EN notebook on the road, you should connect with the the VPN Client software as soon as you establish a network connection. Then you can open OWA or browse the Internet.

The Cisco System VPN Client is installed on all Enterprise computers.

Action Required:
Please see our How To Install the VPN Client v5.x for Windows XP for steps on updating the Cisco VPN client to the latest version.

To determine what version of the VPN client installed on your computer, from the Start menu choose All Programs then click Cisco Systems VPN Client. From the Help menu choose About VPN Client. If the version is lower than 5.0.02, you should update the VPN software.

[UPDATE Feb 14, 2008] We have had reports of the VPN install process locking up in County Extension Offices. The steps now include unplugging the network cable from the machine at the appropriate time. If the computer is connected to the network during the install, the process will not complete! This may be difficult for desktops but it is required.

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