Monday, February 15, 2010

Security Update Released for Adobe Flash Player

On Feb 11, 2010 Adobe released a Security advisory called Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player that announced the availability of an update to their Flash Player 10 software. The advisory states in part:

A critical vulnerability has been identified in Adobe Flash Player version and earlier. This vulnerability could subvert the domain sandbox and make unauthorized cross-domain requests.

Affected software versions
Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions

Severity rating
Adobe categorizes these as
critical issues and recommends affected users patch their installations.

Action Required: Ag IT recommends that you update the Adobe Flash Player on your Enterprise machine to mitigate the effects of malicious SWF (Shockwave Flash) files that you might view in your web browser.

For steps, see our How To Install Updates to Adobe Flash Player,

Note: If you use multiple browsers, perform the check for each browser you have installed on your computer.

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