Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Trouble Adding Participants to an Adobe Connect Meeting Space?

Have you created an Adobe Connect Meeting space that should be restricted to only certain participants, gone to add someone as a participant, and then not been able to find the participant in the Adobe Connect user list?

If so, it is likely because the user has never previously logged into an Adobe Connect meeting. Until a user logs into an “open” Adobe Connect meeting (one that is not restricted to certain participants) the Adobe Connect server does not realize they exist. It is not until after a user has logged into a meeting space that they are added to the Adobe Connect user list.

To resolve the issue, ask the user to log into http://breeze.psu.edu/opensite, which is a meeting space we have made accessible to anyone who has a Penn State or Friends of Penn State user account. Once the user gets log into the open meeting they can immediately exit out and then you should be able to find them in the Adobe Connect user list and add them to your meeting space.

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