Friday, October 24, 2008

Audio Problem Troubleshooting Suggestions from Adobe Connect (Breeze)

Issue: Since PSU ITS updated to Adobe Connect v7 earlier this year, there have been intermittent audio issues during Adobe Connect meetings and trainings.

This Tech Alert is in response to an ALERT from Adobe:
In Connect 7, Adobe included an “enhanced” audio solution for PC users when running the audio setup wizard. It’s in the advanced settings area. This is different than Connect v6 and the cause of some of the problems out there. Until the service pack fix is initiated, I believe this enhanced audio feature is defaulting to “on”. We would like everyone to turn that off as a troubleshooting option (and it will default to off with the service pack).

This means everyone in the meeting should have the enhanced audio box checked to “off”. Otherwise, the enhanced audio may create problems with gain and other audio pickup and cause “breaks” in the delivery for everyone (on a congested network).

The service pack referred to is expected sometime in November. We will pass along information as it becomes available. Additional troubleshooting tips received today are posted at

Action Required (if you use Adobe Connect): EACH TIME you log into an Adobe Connect Meeting, you need to run through the Audio Set-up Wizard to configure your audio. As you go through the Audio Set-up wizard, the last window called “Finished,” click on the Advanced Settings button, then look for the checkbox in the upper right-left portion of your screen. Uncheck the “use Enhanced Audio.”

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact Ag IT Support.

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