Thursday, September 06, 2007

Update to Annual Password Change

The following email was sent out by ITS on Sept 6, 2007. It describes a change in policy for the annual password change from Penn State. This change will occur on September 11, 2007.

See the email below.


"The annual password change initiative that went into effect last year requires users to change their passwords periodically. The way things currently stand WebAccess forces users to change their passwords with no prior warning. This has created problems for some users. To alleviate this problem, ITS will implement the following on Tuesday, 9/11/07:

1.) Eight (8) weeks before the password expires, ITS will send an email notification of the expiration date. This email notification will be sent weekly until the password is changed or expires.

2.) Four (4) weeks before the password expires, WebAccess will require users to change their password.

3.) If the password expires, the user will have to go to a signature station to reinstate the account.

The email notification that the users will receive is shown below:

Dear Penn State Access Account Holder,

Penn State's password initiative requires that you change your Penn State Access Account password periodically. Please change your password before 12/03/07. If you do not change your password by 12/03/07, you will be required to change it when you log in to any application that uses WebAccess (WebMail, ANGEL, ESSIC, etc.)

Your current password will expire on 12/31/07. If you do not change your password by this date, your password will expire.

If your password expires, you will lose access to University e-mail and Internet services, and you will need to go to a signature station at one of the University's campuses or you will need to contact the ITS Account Services Office in the Computer Building to reinstate your connection to the Penn State network.

The password change requirement increases the personal security of all Penn State community members and helps protect business, research and academic resources throughout the University. Thank you for your

For more information or to change your password, visit on the Web. If you have questions, call the help desk at 814-863-1035 or 814-863-2494 or send e-mail to


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